Reusable Cotton Face Masks + Donations

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Apr 21 , 2020

Reusable Cotton Face Masks + Donations

Amidst the current situation of coronavirus, we're giving out a free reusable cotton face mask for every order (no minimum order amount + free shipping on orders over $25) to the general public. The free mask promotion will be automatically applied when you checkout and is limited for 1 use per person. These handmade cotton face masks are made in South Korea with love. Each masks are made with healthcare professionals, restaurant owners, bus drivers, post office workers and those who need these in mind.

With every mask sold, we are purchasing disposal/surgical masks to donate to healthcare professionals and those who are in need. We also send out our reusable cotton masks in addition to the disposal masks. It means the world to us that we can make a small difference even to 10-30 people at a hospital or pharmacy. We've been taking direct messages and emails ( from healthcare facilities and even CVS pharmacies and we are so thrilled to be a part of helping out in the small way that we can. This is a package to the Boston CVS Pharmacists who reached out to us via Instagram (@shopmamamoor).

Our reusable cotton face masks are triple-layered and can help with 50~70% filtration - you can always wear disposal masks or filters underneath but let's save those for those in the frontline of COVID-19. With the ergonomic fit, our mask with align with your nose and mouth close to perfect. Our straps are not tied on purpose so that you can adjust the straps to fit perfectly to your face shape and size. Here are our recommended ways to wear our cotton mask. 

These masks are washable, reusable, comfortable, sustainable and adjustable. The fabric straps go around the ears and because our masks are comfortable, you can wear it all day long. The masks are made from three layers of fabric -- which meet the guidelines outlined by the CDC and NY times for protection from water droplets. The triple layer definitely can offer extra protection during the current situation and helps people avoid touching their mouth and nose.

Currently, we have these cotton masks in multiple colors: black, denim blue, vegan leather (sold out), light grey, green, purple, and pink and comes in two sizes: small and medium. Please check to make sure the color/size is in stock as our masks sell out really, really fast. 

Our masks fit a wide variety of face sizes and is loved by our customers worldwide. To add more masks to your cart, you can hover over to the quantity to add more to cart. 

Now that the CDC has recommended that masks be worn in public, we are making sure that the general public can get affordable handmade, reusable cotton masks. Please note that these masks are not intended to replace N95, medical grade masks and these are for the general public to use to make the N95, medical grade masks more available to those who really need them.

We will still be giving masks away to healthcare workers, restaurant owners, post office works, and those in need so please contact us via Instagram (@shopmamamoor), our contact us page, or email ( Please share and let's make a small difference together. 

We appreciate each & every one you and we hope you stay safe! 

MamaMoor Family