Elvin Kim

Aug 26 , 2019



ContiKids comes from 'Contigo' which means 'with you'. 

With you, ContiKids has become the go-to kids brand for apparel and shoes for over 20 years. Our team cannot thank our customers enough for all the support and love during the years. 

ContiKids is an international kids brand founded in 1999 by two sisters who are now mothers, Jessica and Jennifer. With their kids in mind, they have created a worldwide brand in 2018 to share to kids around the world. Each style was hand designed by Jessica and Jennifer with their kids in mind to celebrate timeless styles with easy dressing. 

ContiKids specializes in 2 to 7 years old styles and soon will showcase their new line for 6 months to 24 months, Bellus. 


Note from Jessica and Jennifer: 

When we started our brand and collection, ContiKids, we had two meanings of 'Conti'. 'Conti' means 'with you' and is short for 'continental'. With that in mind, we imagined a brand to bridge kid styles from one continent to another continent. Thoughts became imagination and with imagination, we were able to continue our passion in making kids styles for over 20 years. 

Thank you for supporting and loving ContiKids. We will continue to strive to make beautiful pieces to fit perfectly to your kid's wardrobe!