Elvin Kim

Aug 26 , 2019




In the pursuit of Aesthetic Practicality, our Analog Dream

Nineware has relentlessly added breakthrough ideas and designs to products since inception. Nineware's ideology is to be summarized with these two words, "Aesthetic Practicality". Nineware did not get that far to discover Nineware's products. Nineware rather concentrated on the nearby items within a real close reach of our daily lives, i.e. kitchenware and homeware products.

However, Nineware always has clung to the words: "Our products must be different". Nineware products must be bearing irresistible design with inventive ideas. Nineware has retained this "Analog Dream" since Nineware has found.

Once Nineware finds a new product with new design ideas, it initiates to think of the righteous materials for the new product. Nineware firmly believes that material is the cornerstone to make the product discretionary in the perspective of aesthetic as well as functional suitability. Nineware have NOT had mundane dreams for at least ten years.

Nineware is fundamentally positioned as a manufacturer in this industry. In addition, Nineware has strived to make a strong market as a strong distributor. Meanwhile in these recent years, Nineware is focusing on original development manufacturer (ODM) business models, in which a client with product ideas come to Nineware for research, development, and manufacturing of the product. Nineware has been quite successful in ODM as well as OEM business. These are Nineware's industrial capabilities.