Animal Bowl Set (Set of 4)

$34.99 USD

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  • NON SLIP : These bowls bring fun and color to any meal with cute animals. The red silicon paddle on bottom allows the bowl to be slip resistant at any place which will make eating less messy and easier with no sliding bowls.
  • STYLISH : Beautifully designed with black & white colors, these bowls are fun for infants, toddlers and even adults.
  • TOXIN FREE : These bowls are made of food-safe PP material, a sustainable product that is non-toxic, renewable, compostable and food safe. Free of BPA and other chemical material.
  • EASY TO USE : These bowls are easy to clean and microwave and Dishwasher safe.
  • MADE IN KOREA: Designed and manufactured in Korea. Delivers outstanding performance and exceptional quality