Silicone Rice Steamer 20.3 Fl Oz Set (Set of 2)

$25.99 USD

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  • 【 SAFE BUT TOUGH SILICONE 】 Made with 100% food grade non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, non-stick, the silicone bowl is BPA free, eco-friendly solution that will take your kitchen experience to the next level. It is much thicker than average silicone cookware available in market. Unlike flimsy foldable silicone bowls, you won’t have to worry about spilling your food while you move about your kitchen, home, or outdoors.
  • 【 UNIQUE DESIGN 】 The built-in handles are molded in for easier handling without a need for separate oven mitts when it comes out of the oven or microwave (takes seconds to cool down). The lid with a venting hole lets off steam and pressure while cooking and the top lid handle helps to open and close like you would with a pot. Measurement marks are also molded on the inside to assist with measuring food portions (especially convenient for making perfect bowl of instant noodles and ramen).
  • 【 HEALTHY COOKWARE 】Steam vegetables without water in the microwave. It preserves all the flavors and nutrients mostly lost when steamed in water. Make quick crustless quiche or omelets with desired ingredients. No oil is necessary as the food comes off easily after cooking. Even with oil, it will not denature or leave residues like cheap plastic containers. Need desserts? Try making almond powder bread or cupcakes with microwave in the silicone cup. Within minutes, you can cook an entire meal!
  • 【 VERSATILE STORAGE CONTAINER 】 Looking for a perfect cooking and eating vessel for your school, dorm, work, camp, apartment, and or minimal life? Look no further! Our silicone bowl is just the right tool to do it all. From storing and cooking leftovers, frozen foods like pizza, pasta, mashed potatoes and to meal prep, this versatile cookware is the perfect solution for your different food storage and cooking needs. Store, pack, cook, and eat all from one!
  • 【 HIGH, LOW TEMPERATURE SAFE 】 The silicone cookware is microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe. It can withstand temperature ranging from -40F to 482F (-40C to 250C). Use it in steaming or just warming up leftovers in the microwave and indirect heat (conventional oven). With 40.6 Fl oz (1.2L) capacity, it is spacious but compact. Perfect for saving time and preparing meals at home, work, camping or school. Silicone pot is recyclable, reusable, and possess an incredibly long lifespan.