Best Gifts For New Moms That'll Make Her Life A Little Easier


Diane Z.

Mar 13 , 2023

Best Gifts For New Moms That'll Make Her Life A Little Easier

Between diaper changes, late-night feedings, running errands, and caring for a baby, new moms have a lot on their plates. So, she deserves something special to make her feel special.

Instead of going to the baby section for yet another onesie her baby will grow out of, you might consider getting a gift just for mom. When shopping for a first-time mom — whether for her birthday, baby shower, or just because — we recommend getting her something she'll enjoy and actually use.

If you're unsure where to start (or what to buy!), we've gathered the best gift ideas for new moms on MamaMoor. From relaxing reed diffusers to soothing skin care products, we've got her covered.

Michelangelo Reed Diffuser Set

The first few months can get pretty hectic for new moms. So why not get her something to aid relaxation and comfort at home? Our Michelangelo Reed Diffuser is perfect for eliminating odors with long-lasting fragrant scents of fruity and floral oils.

Hair Loss Shampoo For Women

BallVic shampoo for women

 It’s normal for new moms to experience hair loss post-partum. The good news is, there are products that help strengthen hair and reduce hair loss. Our BallVic Hair Loss Shampoo improves scalp condition with essential nutrients and advanced formulas to achieve fuller and healthier hair.

Soothing Balm

Touch girl glow soothing balm

Melt away the stress with our Touch Girl Glow soothing balm. Made with calming ingredients to create a relaxing scent that isn’t overpowering. This soothing balm can be applied all over the body to reduce soreness and provide instant relief, and it’s compact enough to put inside your bag (or baby bag) to bring with you.

3-Pack Superfood Hair Mask

3-pack hair mask

Moms deserve some pampering too! Add our 3-pack Superfood Hair Mask to your gift and let her indulge in a nourishing hair mask treatment made with natural ingredients to achieve soft and lustrous hair.

Travel and Nursing Pillow

travel and nursing pillow

Our best-selling Double Pillow isn’t just for baby use, they’re great for travel too! They’re portable and lightweight enough to bring with you on your travels. Plus, they’re made with safe materials perfect to rest your baby’s head while nursing.

Vegan Nail Lacquer Set

Vegan nail lacquer set

Moms can achieve salon nails at home with the ella + mila Elite Collection Set. They’re quick to dry, chip-resistant, vegan, and come in ten irresistible colors. It’s the perfect gift for moms who like DIY at-home manicures and pedicures.

Metal Car Air Freshener

Metal car air freshener

More than just another car accessory, our Metal Car Air Freshener actually smells great and elevates the mood in your car with fresh fragrances. Not to mention, it’s safe to use around children and pregnant women. Make those car rides a breeze with this luxurious and compact air freshener.

Fabric Dress Perfume Home Spray

perfume home spray

 When the day gets a little chaotic, sometimes a refreshing mist is all you need. The No Design Dress Perfume leaves your room, fabrics, and garments smelling great and doesn’t fade away easily. It’s a refreshing mood booster, perfect to use whenever she needs it.

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