Gift Guide: 10 Best Gifts Perfect For Baby Showers


Diane Z.

Jan 13 , 2023

Gift Guide: 10 Best Gifts Perfect For Baby Showers

Attending a baby shower this year and have no idea what gift to buy or where to look? Well, you're not alone!

Unless you're a mom yourself, buying the perfect gift for baby shower parties can seem like a whole other world. When it comes to baby shower gifts, we recommend going for items that are useful to moms and babies — something that will make their lives so much easier.

In this blog post, we've listed 10 gift ideas that are perfect for baby showers.

1. Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Crib with different swaddle blankets

Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a baby in a thin cloth to soothe and calm them. And the Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket is perfect for newborn babies! They're soft, breathable, and comfortable to use.

2. Bamboo Cloth Diaper Set and Diaper Cover

Two sets of cloth diaper covers and two sets of cloth diapers

Not only are they super soft and absorbent, they're eco-friendly too! Gift mom and her baby the Bamboo Cloth Diaper Set along with the premium Diaper Cover for an easy and safe diapering system.

The Bamboo Cloth Diaper Set and Diaper Cover are sold separately.

3. Double Blanket

A toddler wrapped up in a blanket

The Double Blanket can be used for sleeping, napping, and even as a nursing cover. This soft and breathable blanket is a great gift for new moms and babies to use especially in the early days.

4. Brand New Baby Clothing Set

A clothing set that includes a romper, pants, socks, and a hat

This adorable and gender-neutral 5-piece set comes already packed in a gift box, making gifting super easy for new moms. Perfect for baby showers and hospital visits!

5. Puppy Romper Set

Two sets of rompers with a puppy design

It goes without saying that babies deserve the best, and that's what makes the Puppy Romper Set a great gift idea for newborns. It's a stylish and easy-to-wear romper, featuring a snap-under bottom for easy change and diapering.

6. Premium Bamboo Baby Towel

A small table with two sets of towels hanging

Made with soft and antibacterial Rayon from Bamboo fibers, this premium Bamboo Baby Towel is ideal for babies with sensitive skin. They're thicker and heavier than regular towels, making them highly absorbent and long-lasting.

7. Baby Lounger

Baby lying comfortably on the baby lounger

The Baby Lounger is exactly what it sounds like — a safe, secure, and comfortable lounger ideal for newborn babies. Made with antimicrobial fillers and breathable and non-toxic fabrics with an adjustable velcro belt safety.

8. Kids Wash Bib

4 sets of wash bibs in different designs

What makes the Kids Wash Bib a useful gift? They're perfect to use for eating, washing, painting, or even playing at the beach — and are suitable for kids under 5 years old, making them cute and practical gifts for baby showers.

9. Double Liner

A baby sitting on a stroller

The reversible Double Liner is a two-way structure made to keep babies comfortable no matter the season. With its versatile compatibility, the double liner can be used for stroller seats, car seats, and baby carriers making them lightweight and easy to install.

10. Double Pillow

A toddler sleeping comfortably on a bed

Just like our Double Blanket, the Double Pillow is durable and comfortable to use for sleeping, napping, and it even makes a great travel pillow for parents to use!


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