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Car Mini Wood Ball Reed Diffuser 1.7 Oz (50 ml)


Out of stock

Scent :

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NO DESIGN focuses on ingredients over design. Adding rich, floral, and fruity scents to your car is one of the best affordable luxuries. Nothing makes a place seem more romantic, cozy, or sophisticated than the right look and smell.

Scenting your car makes you feel pampered but doesn’t cost much. This carefully crafted scent and no design gives a joyful experience to your family, friends, guests, customers, and yourself.
  • Safe Car Essential Oil Diffuser: Our essential oil car diffuser focus primarily on fragrance and scents. A few drops of our car oil diffusers will help drive away all the unwanted smells in your car and improve drive concentration.
  • Premium Grade Fragrance: Our car oil diffuser uses a top-rated refined fragrance oil and naturally fermented alcohol. This mini oil diffuser is composed of natural plant essential oils and organic solutions from botanicals.
  • Long Lasting Car Scent Diffuser: The wooden ball reed stick absorbs the fruity and floral scent essential oil fragrance and releases an evocative aura inside your car. The simple yet elegant artistic bottle is very modern and trendy.
  • Space-Saving Car Fragrance Diffuser: Our portable oil diffuser packed in your bag or suitcase makes it a mini aroma convenient. Our travel diffusers for essential oils can also be placed in your living area and bedroom.
  • Perfect Gift for Every Reason: Our essential scents are perfect for cars and are packed beautifully in a cute gift box. It is a great gift idea for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Christmas, and Valentine's day.

Scent Variation:
* Sweet Berry: Top - Citrus Note, Aldehydic Floral, Jasmine / Middle - Rose, Jasmine, Fruity / Base - Musk, Woody
* Lemon Eucalyptus: Top - Bergamot, Lemon / Middle - Lemon Verbena, Lily of the Valley, Eucalyptus / Base - Woody, Softwood
* Heavenly Ocean: Top - Freesia Middle - Chamomile, Aloe Vera / Base - Daisy, Plum Blossom
* White Cotton: Top - Aldehydic, Citrus, Green / Middle - Rose, Jasmine, Apple, Herb / Base - Musk, Woody, Amber
* Rose Cantabile: Top - Citrus, Green, Mint / Middle - Jasmine, Woody, Tea Leaves / Base Amber, Musk, Green
* Emotion: Top - Bergamot, Rose Petal, Lychee / Middle - Peach, Freesia, Muguet / Base - Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

How to Use Diffuser:
1. Unscrew the cap and remove the paper sealer by pushing it.
2. Put the silicone and cap into a glass container, then insert the Woodball Stick.
3. The formula releases fragrance slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 60 - 90 days, depending on temperature, moisture, and air circulation.

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Package Inclusion:
One fragrance diffuser glass bottle (4.05 Fl Oz 120ml) +
1 piece white flower stick + 1 piece non-slip gel pad.

Our car scent diffuser is the perfect fragrance for a car with its elegant bottle. Exclusively and perfectly made in Korea.

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