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BallVic Hair Pack - Scalp Care Hair Treatment Mask Conditioner for Women and Men


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Journey from Frail to Fabulous: The BallVic Hair Pack Duo

We all dream of hair that flows like a river, shining bright under the sun. But sometimes, our strands have their own tales of struggle, of damage, and of endless battles with dryness. What if we told you that the turning point in this story is just a shampoo and conditioner away?

The Struggle: Brittle, lifeless hair that feels more like straw than silk. The frustration of watching strands leave with every brush stroke. A scalp that screams for nourishment.

The Solution: BallVic's Hair Pack Duo. A shampoo and conditioner set masterfully crafted to transform your hair narrative.

Why BallVic?

  • Dual Action: Say hello to luscious locks and bid goodbye to damaged, parched hair. With our shampoo and conditioner, every wash is a step closer to your dream hair.
  • Hair Growth Boost: Infused with high-quality biotin and a bounty of botanical extracts, our hair pack doesn't just cleanse; it promotes hair growth, combats thinning, and envelops your hair in deep hydration.
  • Nature's Best: Dive into the richness of nature with ingredients like Peach, Strawberry, Kiwi, and Grape Fruit extract. A medley that promises nourishment, shine, and strength.

Usage Guide:

  1. Drench your hair and scalp with water.
  2. Massage BallVic Shampoo gently onto the scalp and through the hair.
  3. Let it soak in for 3-5 minutes, letting the magic unfold.
  4. Rinse with gusto, feel the transformation, and dry to perfection.

Your Hair’s Best Companion: BallVic promises a journey where every hair strand finds its strength, shines with pride, and flows with grace.

BallVic, solely focusing on understanding hair loss and revolutionizing hair loss care with over 16 years of experience, promises excellent effects and a helpful guide on hair loss treatment. We are a global brand that has been used and recommended by dermatologists in 22 different countries and used by 4,400 clinics in Korea since 2005.

Join this transformation journey and let your hair do the talking!

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